Thursday, October 18, 2007

Speaking of etsy... I've just made these three colour hand printed tiles.


Ana Q. said...

can you answer my email. thank you tomorrow im going to see your exhibition. good night
ana q -

Heather Moore said...

I've always been stopped in my tracks by your work, but have only now (thanks to Lena Corwin) discovered that you have a blog and an Etsy shop! Delighted by the lot.
PS: If you pay a return visit to my blog you'll see a small homage from me!

Francesca said...

yes me too...didn't know you had a blog or an etsy shop. here via heather via lena. i think i saw your work at frank in whitstable.

阪戸みほ Miho Sakato said...

very very cute! i love your work!