Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Now then now then


Emma said...

I really loved this as a print, but couldn't quite afford it - will these cards be available in your etsy shop at all?

Rob Ryan said...

No Emma, Roger La Borde distribute pretty widely all over the shop, you shouldnt find it hard finding them. RR

the7gerbers said...

Rob...I don't know what/who Roger La Borde is or where I can find them. I'm in Ohio, USA. Any help appreciated.

Like Emma, I absolutely adore your stuff, subscribe to your blog and drool over the designs, but yearn to pick some up in an affordable format...I like the tiles, might settle on one of those. Cards are nice, too.

And, maybe, for a big anniversary or something, my husband will spring for one of your beautiful bigger ones.

Such lovely work.

Emma said...

Nice one - thanks Rob :)

Jamie Watson said...

This card gave me a tear in my eye! I happened upon your blog via sulu design. Your work is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

wow how do i get one of those cards

Serena Ho said...

Dear RR,
I read the poem on this card from PPAPER magazine(April 2008), and I love it into pieces!! and now I just noticed that you posted this lovely work on my birthday this year!!

I quated this poem on my blog, if you mind I'll just delete it:)

stephy said...

I can't even tell you how blown away I was when I found this card in a tiny little bookshop in Brighton when I was on a school trip in March.. I kept the words in my mind and there they are still.
The card is on my wall and I love it to bits, and it's a really beautiful piece of art..

Can you tell me, are there any bookshop in Austria that sell your amazing cards?

Thanks in advance!