Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Bird Lady print was in todays Time's 2 supplement


Jackie said...

May I ask, did you do the Valentines for papercahse? I saw some yesterday when I was there with my husband. I hinted largely that I loved them, but after 32 years of ignoring Valentines day its a tough call!
OH! Your word verification is 'vally'!

Rob Ryan said...

Jackie, thanks for leaving this message. The paperchase lasercuts have nothing to do with me whatsoever, although I agree they have ysed a lot of the same motifs etc. . . . Hmmm !
Roger La Borde do a range of my cards and are quite easy to find.
Best Rob

annechovie said...

Your work is beyond brilliant! I am adding you to my blogroll, and pronto.

Jackie said...

OHH! Well I'm glad I didn't buy them then! I suppose you could take it as a huge compliment that your style is so lovely that its worth copying?
I noticed a subtle influence in sainsburys today..I don't know if you agree. the lettering on a new thing near the checkouts looked very much like your style.
I'll look for the roger la borde cards.I would very much like to own a little piece of your work. I've been a fan of papercuts for years.

Di said...

And a deserving inclusion if ever there was one!

Julie said...

Dear Rob - your work is so brilliant it takes my breath away. It is profoundly romantic and makes my heart ache. I had a love once for whom these prints would have been perfect...shame he's married somebody else...I'll just have to pin them to the wall above my desk and dream on! Can't wait to visit your shop. Happy Christmas, Julie