Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well, we have started to settle in to our new temporary home in Somerset House, although it is a bit weird trying to act as if it's all perfectly normal !!


Anonymous said...

Hello there,
Will you be selling any of the stock from your shop at Somerset House?
Thank you, Hilke

Rob Ryan said...

Hello there,

The shop in Somerset House will be selling tiles, cushion covers, lomos, mugs and lasercut walnut keys.


Kayla said...

Hi Rob,

I took some photographs of the sun casting amazing shadows of your incredible window work at Yorkshire Sculpture park - if you'd like them drop me a line at mail@kaylakavanagh.com

It's my birthday today and I've just been given the most amazing gifts - one of your gorgeous teatowels, wooden key, 'This is for you' book and a card ... I literally had tears in my eyes reading through the book. Such incredible talent and so very incisive.

If you ever make any more green skirts do let me know as they'd sold out at YSP and I can't find any online!

Thanks for your inspiration,


Soma Gallery said...

Good luck Rob! I'll be there on Sunday so will be sure to come and say hello! Fiona