Tuesday, May 04, 2010

We have just packed up in Somerset House and are moving back to the studio tomorrow. 14,000 people came to see the show over the 12 (Continuous!) days we were there !! I f you were one of those that made it down then I hope you enjoyed it !

Whilst we were working there we did a nice big papercut, our website designer and friend Karl made a time lapse film of it being cut out, follow this

it takes a while to load, it kind of stops and starts so I went and made a cup of tea and when I'd got back to the computer it had finished playing it's way through , I pressed play again and it played lovely and smoothly second time.

Also if you go to this link

there is a filmed interview with me talking lots of rubbish !!

Quite a few people have blogged about the show so if you weren't able to make it in person you can get quite a good overview of the whole 'Pick me Up' show by following these few links -
What Katie Does
Amelia's Magazine


Anne Reed - Made & Found said...

Totally,utterly amazing!I really wished I could have seen your exhibition but that film really helps....pure delight You clever clogs people...Thank you
Anne x

Kayleigh Bluck said...

I was one of those 14000 and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I had a fabulous day. The best part was of course seeing you working :)

Noortje said...
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Noortje said...

I can't stop watching the film!! :)

Noortje said...

(that's what I said before but I accidentaly deleted it...) anyway, I'm loving it!

W.E. said...

I couldn't make it to Somerset House but I did imagine the experience and included it on my blog...hope you don't mind.


Liz King said...

THis is truly amazing! We went to the show and so must be in one of the photos! I think I saw my converse trainers?!

silvia said...


Penelope Art & Design said...

I mentioned you: http://penelopeartanddesign.blogspot.com/

You're stuff is great!

Jo Cheung said...

Oh thank you for adding my post to your blog!!! :)

Amelia Gregory said...

and me! x

Amy Rose Walter said...

Hello Ryan

I really believe in your art. Thank you for making it.


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Jacqui Dodds said...

I sat and watched this video open mouthed at your patience! What happens if you make a mistake in your cutting or accidently tear the paper?

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