Thursday, June 17, 2010

I have been snowed under with work for the last few weeks and have sorely neglected this poor blog ! Big apologies to you guys who check it out regularily only to be disappointed time and time again ! I promise to mend my ways and I am going to blog every day for the next 2 weeks - you will be so sick of me !!!

This is a hanky I designed and Error Solutions printed for twobirds bridesmaid, it's a little token a bride can give to a special friend and vice versa.

Twobirds have designed an incredible bridemaids dress that can be worn 1 million different ways ! It is pure genius and the lady behind them, Ariane, is very lovely too.
Check them out Here


Amy said...

I've seen these in the papers. What a marvellous idea - if I ever get married I think this would be a brilliant dress to get my bridesmaids. And I'd be popular too because they are so lovely!

Anonymous said...

These are lovely. Glad to see you blogging again.

jessica daisy said...

These are so beautiful, It's a shame I'm already married!


elsy said...

gorgeous rob, but not worth getting married a third time for! hope you can keep up the 1 a day blogging.......

Noortje said...

Finally a new post! ;) I've been missing the studio and you all so much! Looking forward to be able to read something everyday because maybe it will feel a bit like as if I'm back there! :) Lots of love!

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