Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London have asked me to submit a piece of work for their Cherry on The Cake III : The Paper Collection.
In response I have produced a limited edition series of lasercuts exclusively for them, in an edition of 500, each one is signed, numbered and comes in a hand screenprinted envelope.

These Lasercuts will not be available from my Etsy shop or from my London shop - Ryantown. They are totally exclusive to the V & A shop and website and will be available from Wednesday 15th September.


mary said...

yay! will lasercuts be available in the etsy shop again any time soon?

Emma said...

I love your work. I think you need a studio with a sea view. Hilary Millington would be your neighbour round the corner.


Emma x

JK said...

Oh it's so nice !

Anonymous said...

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aboutflyfishing01 said...

Wow nice job on the lasercuts Rob. You should make these pieces of work for an international sale. Great job!

Kevin Snow
Visit us at: http://www.lowryhomesdenverco.com/

Mile High Real Estate said...

Thank you for posting Rob. These lasercuts are such great designs. These would sell well here in the United States too.