Thursday, November 11, 2010

Last night Lulu Guinness had a night at my London Show at the the Air Gallery to launch the fan bag she has made with my design on it. It was a fun night but the best thing ever was there was a really cool photobooth machine there !!! As you can see fun was had by all the Ryantown Massive !!!, featuring above....Hazel and Cynthia - Camille, Hazel and Hobby - Me and Hazel - Me and Lorna - Adam, Amaia, Jackie and Me - Jackie, Libby and Amaia - Jackie and Libby - Me, Hazel, Jackie and Libby....etc!
You can now bid on the bag on ebay. It is the only one available worldwide and is signed by both me and Lulu. All proceeds go to the charity ASAP... so bid!!!!


Amy said...

I have seen this bag in real life today. I hope it makes super amounts of money for charity. It is be-you-ti-full!

jessica daisy said...


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