Thursday, January 13, 2011

This weekend is going to be a ceramic extravaganza in Ryantown!! We've taken the Stafford show down and a lot of the ceramics from the show are going into the shop. There will be brand-new mugs, plates and these set of 6 platters. There won't be any Staffordshire cats or dogs just yet, but keep an eye out on the blog because they'll be available soon!


Bethany said...

I love these plates! Especially the story they tell.

Unknown said...

just found your blog...AMAZING! Love how the poetry and art are one.

Selfsewn said...

Ooh the cats!!!

Stacie Swift said...

Absolutely stunning. I love them! x

lisa stubbs said...

These plates are wonderful! My friends bought me 4 of your plates for Christmas of all the season in gorgeous blue, I've just bought some hangers to put them up, too nice to eat from!! can't wait to display them, just love your work!

Jess said...

this is fresh :) and very lovely

morgandkim said...

hi.. this is amazing.

LouiseG said...

These are lovely! I didn't even realise the green vines were words until I enlarged the phot. Beautiful.
Last night I went to Asda and saw a t-shirt that I thought you must have collaborated on. Sadly I see no such announcement here, so it must just be a rip-off. It's not on the George website, but it is in stores. Anyone else seen it?

Katie said...

I saw it! what a crock!
here it is..,default,pd.html

Anonymous said...

That Asda top is a total rip-off. Nice design though, I'd have bought it if it was Rob's!

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