Monday, May 16, 2011

Studio Music is a brilliant website listing artists/designers/photographers top 10 tracks to listen to in their studios whilst they're working. A new artists' top ten is added at the beginning of each week and this week, its me!!!

Every artist writes a little about why they love to listen to each track and you can listen along whilst reading, its really quite brilliant!

You can read and listen by visiting the website here


Grace and Judy said...

This is such a brilliant idea! Love it!
Philiy xx

Leaff Design Ltd said...

I love this idea! I am currently listening to your playlist and enjoying it!

Erica said...

Great, -like Destert Island Discs for artists. Fab. x

Jane said...

I love it - it's going to be a regular one for me - it's just like the mix tapes my husband did for me when we first going out
thanks for a lovely memory and your beautiful art, I was so in awe of your beautiful exhibition in Stafford recently

wirrow said...

i do remember some good music goin on in ur studio :p