Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My good friend Jeb Loy Nichols has used my artwork on his new album. Jeb is a writer, musician AND an artist. Three things he does incredibly well! Click here read all about him and check out some of his music on youtube!
This really good new LP doesn't come out until March but its getting a few spins on the radio so I thought it might be worth a mention.
The water color on the inside of the sleeve 'I walked and I thought...' is a picture I did many years ago and Jeb owns.
I speak to jeb on the phone pretty much every day and we play soul records we've discovered down the phone to each other and talk about lots of good stuff, Werner Klempererer, Frank Gorshin's incredible impressions of burt lancaster and Rod steiger, my love of Howard Stern, his hatred of Howard Stern and loads more other good stuff !!!
This year we are bringing out a special edition of the album with stories on one side and Jeb's songs on the other !


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