Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Senate and People of Ryantown

Although I guess I'm pretty busy all the time, I always have the feeling that I'm not doing a tenth as much as I'd like to be doing. In my notebooks I have loads of stupid ideas for work that will never properly see the light of day. As an experiment we are going to produce a little newspaper every quarter year that will in a small way fill the space between what gets done and what doesn't. I'm hoping that as it develops it will become more like a notebook/scrapbook of ideas and thoughts and pictures that would be nice to share. We've almost completed the first one and already I think this isn't quite what I wanted but I guess its a start! It will be available mid-May and is called Senatus Populusque Ryantown, The Senate and People of Ryantown. S.P.Q.R.


Sharon McSwiney said...

What a great idea! I know that feeling well....looking forward to seeing more of this project :-)

lisa stubbs said...

What a fantastic idea! Brilliant! I bet it evolves beautifully as all your great ideas do!


RAD !!!