Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Every year, we do a special Valentines piece and 2013 is no different...

After lots of requests, Rob has created three different types - depicting a man and a woman, a woman and a woman and a man and a man.

The texts reads:
There is no such thing as free time.
There is no such thing as work time.
There is no such thing as play time.
There is no such thing as down time.
There is no such thing as spare time.
There is no such thing as quality time.
There is no such thing as the right time.
There is no such thing as the wrong time.

There is only time.

The rarest and most precious gift I can give you seems to be the one thing I never have enough of to spare, but I promise to give you as much as I have and will make even more + more to give you. Can these seconds and minutes slowly grow into hours and days and perhaps weeks, months and years? In the name of St. Valentine can you be mine? 14th February 2013.





Anonymous said...

any chance it will be offered as a card or smaller print for those not able to afford the print (no matter how much we want to!!)? :)

Sallytangle said...

Here here to the above comment as i was just going to ask exactly the same!!!!xxx

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