Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New colourways are now available at RYANTOWN and ETSY


la vicomtesse de Chatillon said...

I am an illustrator and I am teaching illustration in Ghent (B)
I organize a trip to London with my students and found your work in the Little Black Book of London

i love your work
it's really great
We are coming to London from 12 to 15may and I will visit your shop
It would be great if I could meet you in your shop

Bethany said...

These are wonderful Rob!!! I finally got my print to the frame shop and am picking it up tomorrow!!! It will hang in my new studio/gallery!! I also posted today about another one of your prints (which I am secretly lusting for!!!!!).

Antonio Tan said...

hi rob! my name is antonio tan. i am an architect based in beijing, china. we are wondering if it's possible to contact you directly.

my personal email is:

hope to hear from you,
antonio tan

Lucy Barfoot said...

Hello Rob. I, like many others, wish to send you an email. Do you have a direct email I could use, or should I send a letter to you at the shop?

I love your work

Lucy Barfoot

Anonymous said...

They make me think of excessively pretty stamps!

Brian said...

Hi Rob,
I was at an exhibition of yours in the Leinster Gallery in Dublin a while back where I saw a print I liked. It had two bells in it with writing on them. The image was red on a pale blue background. Do you know the one I'm thinking of? Is it still available to buy?

If not is 'I Can't Forget' available in those same colours - red on a pale blue background?


Rob Ryan said...

Hi Brian,

I know the one you mean, yes it is still available. If you email me at my assistant Hazel will me more than happy to help.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rob,

I love your print - "i cant forget', but see it sold out at the V&A.

Would it be possible to buy this directly from you?

Thank you!