Friday, April 03, 2009

This weeks Time Out has mentioned me in their pick of Spring's stylish events. Check out for news about Ryantown!


Mr Lee said...

Lucky you.Have a happy weekend!

Revista Gata Flora said...

hello I am the director of an argentine mag called gata flora ( and I would like to contact you. I can not enter your site:
here is my e-mail, pleas write me:

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

We are not able to go to your website Please let us know on how we can get in touch with you.

Red Sea Gallery

Revista Gata Flora said...

I need to contact Rob!!!!!

Mhari said...

hello there,

I'm also trying to get in touch about an exhibition in Glasgow, my email is If you could send me a contact email address that would be great.

Hope all's swell, cheers,

Rob Ryan said...

We are having nightmares with the website at the moment but...You can contact me at

Anonymous said...

It’s my pleasure to contact you, my name is Hiroko Arakawa, the editor atPoplar Publishing Co.,Ltd, the Japanese publisher for children’s books.
I met your work for the first time in Japanese magazine called “Tabi”
(Travel magazine at Shinchosha Publishing), which I had been impressed by
its sophistication and cuteness of your illustraion.
I would like to contact you.
here is my e-mail, pleas write me: