Thursday, October 29, 2009

On until April 4th - 'Slash, Paper under the knife' at Museum of Arts and Design in New York is an exhibition devoted to cut paperworks, I have contributed two pieces. If you are in or near to the Big City of Dreams the check it out !
October 7, 2009 - April 4, 2010


Andrea said...

I was in NYC last weekend and saw the ''Slash - paper under the knife'' exhibition. Your two pieces touched me more than any other art I have ever seen. Please, are they available as prints anywhere or can you at least tell me what the text was? Their beauty haunts me. Thank you.

Rob Ryan said...

The one with the words 'Can we shall we' is available as a print - same size as the on you saw in the show (email us for more details - It is also available as an A3 sized lazercut.
And the cave one will be available as a print in the future.

Rob Ryan said...

Oh and Thanks Andrea for kind words

Karolynah said...

Went to the Museum of Arts and Design in New York last night and saw some of your pieces. WOW. I was so moved by the delicateness of the paper and the messages on each piece, so honest, so real. I'm searching for a copy of "Can We? Shall we?" It was my favorite! I'm also interested in the print.

TiffanyJBausch said...

Just went to the Slash exhibit today saw your two amazing pieces of art. I was so moved that I also purchased your book, "This is for You." I have never read something more true to my own heart, almost like you were speaking from my inside my head. Thank you.

I am forever a fan and look forward to experiencing more of your honesty.


Anonymous said...

Visited MAD on Saturday. Your work made me smile. Thanks

soros said...

The most beautiful pieces in the show by far Rob. I saw them yesterday and can't take them out of my mind although I am here for work... It was great that your book was available in the MAD shop but pity there is no catalogue.
All the very best,

Sharon said...

I just convo'd you on Etsy, but I had to add something here. Slash closes next week, but I just want you to know that there were crowds of people standing in front of your two pieces, staring, silently. Including me. They are so touching, so wonderful.

Please, bring the prints back. And is it true there's a book?