Friday, October 02, 2009

This is the latest papercut for Waitrose Food Illustrated


Beth Gunnell said...

this is excellent! very clever.
I stopped by Ryantown for the first time last weekend...loved it. The kids t-shirts where my favourite!
I'm intrigued by Ryan toon!

Rob Ryan said...

Thank you Beth. The Waitrose illustrations accompany Sophie Dahl's column and are a real pleasure to do, she is a very good writer.

miss-tal said...

HAPPINESS = finding out you have a blog (1st learned about your work at the Milan Paul smith exhibition . I even e-mailed and you were very kind in replying)

DISAPPOINTMENT = just got back from spending a couple of days in London which means i just missed the Ryantoon opening

ANTICIPATION= I'M moving soon to the UK (but will be an hour away from London :( = will be able to see future Ryantoons

lisa stubbs said...


Melody Sage said...

I love your work. This piece is breathtaking! It reminds me of dew spangled spiderwebs.

Lisa Falzon said...

I love your artwork Rob.

Sometimes I'll be at a bookstore and see a cover.. and think.. that must be by Rob Ryan! Then I turn the book over till my suspicions are confirmed.

:) Happened only two days ago with a book called 'the gates of hell' or something like that... I remember most sharply that beautiful back page, with the ironwork all around the blurb. Inspired, truly. ♥