Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last year I did a collaboration with Two Birds Bridesmaid, a company who have designed a bridesmaid dress that is pretty ingenious, one dress you can transform by tying it in about 1000 different ways!!
I designed a handkerchief for them with the idea that the bride could give it to her bridesmaids as a gift on her wedding day or vice versa.
We were running really low on the hankies we made last year so decided to do another run!!

The hankie is cotton and is hand printed in blue (something blue!) and comes in a little hand-printed box. It reads 'Forever my dearest friend, you shall always be...'

We spent yesterday assembling the boxes and wrapping them all up in tissue ready to go on etsy so you can now get them if you click here

They are also available from the Two Birds Bridesmaid shop in Notting Hill.

To have a look at THE dress from Two Birds, visit their website here


Med et lekent sinn / With a playful mind said...

So so beautiful, I love your work!
My boyfriend came home with one of your plates from England last week, I fell in love emeadiately!
All the sites of your work come with such lovely layouts. I Love!
I am saving up for one of your Charity for Haiti prints, really hope I can get one one sewwt day.

Greetings from AB/ Oslo. Norway

Bethany said...

Lucky bridesmaids! This is a perfect idea.

Anonymous said...

They look pretty cool.

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