Wednesday, August 03, 2011

This summer my youngest daughter has been organising an exhibition of fanzines by girls that opens at the Tatty Devine shop in Brick Lane, London tonight. For the last few months, lots of lovely handmade and decorated and intriguing and interesting looking envelopes have been dropping through our letter box all addressed to Barbara Ryan. I've been very jealous of getting such wonderous post...... but very very proud. GO BARBARA!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara Frankie Ryan’s GIRLS + ZINES: August 3 – September 4, 2011, Tatty Devine, 236 Brick Lane, London

See an interview by Dazed & Confused with Barbara about the exhibition here

More info on the exhibition here

Join the facebook group here

And read more from Barbara's incredible blog here


lisa stubbs said...

Wow looks fantastic! no wonder your so proud! going to check it out now!...looks like Barbara is following in dad's foot steps! ace!

Madz said...

If only I had known earlier I wouldo f popped up to have a look I'll have to search for it next week :D

Anak Elang said...