Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Every week the brilliantly prolific 'Its Nice That' ask people to share their top five books. You can read mine here.


Anonymous said...


I was just wondering about something, non-related to this post(and excuse my bad english, I'm from Norway)
I was just wondering if you would call yourself a graphic designer? I'm applying for this art school, and there is this assignment I have to do that determines if I'll get in to the school,and the assignment is to pick a grapic designer who inspires you, and make two posters inspired by him/her. If you would call yourself a graphic designer I would love to pick you for my assignment.

Admire your artwork!!

- Norwegian girl

Rob Ryan said...

I'm sorry Norwegian Girl but I really am not a Graphic Designer at all ! Good luck with your assignment though
Bestest Wishes

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