Monday, February 06, 2012

I've just received a copy of this new book, Print & Pattern 2 by Bowie Style. Print and Pattern is a brilliant blog and always has loads of interesting stuff to look at so go have a look here!! There's already been one Print & Pattern book which has evolved from the blog and I was really pleased to be included in the new book along with lots of other talented designers, it really is worth a look!!!


Jamboree of Whitley Bay said...

Congrats on being featured in the book, will have to have a peek at the website, loving the use of colour.


Petal to Petal said...

I love Print & Pattern and have both the books. This is a lovely feature on your work :)

Jo said...

It's a beautiful book to look at...I've picked it up countless times.

I reviewed it here last October : )

*Such* a big fan of your work xx

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