Friday, December 12, 2008

I have been doing a bit of work for Fortnum and Mason this year (I have just finished the illustrations for their lovely Easter Eggs !!!) These 3 illustrations were created for press ads for the Guardian and the Times letting people know about their special xmas events, one was for cocktail making classes, xmas cooking evenings and childrens storytelling evenings - I'm hope you can work out which one is which ! Sometimes the difficult thing with doing illustrations is you have to fit things into shapes you would never normally do - but then sometimes these challenging things can be the best fun and make you stretch your imagination a bit too.
Working for Fortnums has been hard in another way, one of my favourite artists Edward Bawden did lots of work for them throughout his long career and I know that when they approached me it was because they wanted to get back some of the flavour of the playfulness of his designs, as such I have been doing my utmost to try and NOT look at any of EB's work in case I am influenced by him too directly !!! Anyway this is what I done for them !!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

My limited edition plate for Paul Smith was in The Independent Magazine, 29.11.08

My wall stickers were in the Christmas gift guide in The Observer Women magazine, December issue.