Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hi There!
Welcome to my blog thing.
Hope you find at least some of this interesting and decide to pop by again !


Maureen said...

Robert, I am in awe of your illustrations, your papercuts and screenprints! I have just spent far too long reading through many of the posts in your archive. I love your work. Hope you don't mind I am going to include a couple of links to your website and blog, with some photos, in the Festival of Trees which I am hosting at my blog this month. Here is a link to my blog in case you'd like to see how the links look on the post. I'll have it online by tonight (Sept. 2) Thanks so much for sharing your artistry!

tillytoo9 said...

Now, I am finished with this obsession. But who the hell is Paul Smith and why does he get all the good stuff?

Ok, it's me from the wacky you take my breath away spooky email(sent to another email address),,,I've read through entire blog and feel like I could rep you in the U.S.
My husband is in printing......well not what you do, but sounded good.
Anyway, in case you aren't Mr. "oh I've got lots of talent and I'm cool" but rather laid back, then I wish you well and again, thank you for a wee bit o inspiration.

schioana said...

Your work really touches my heart. I am a great fan. Thank you for being so wonderful and expressive with your creations!

elizabeth lynn said...

you are an absolutely fascinating artist. I adore your work. Happy New Year!