Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On Saturday we went to Alicia and Michael's wedding. They asked me to do the wedding invite and the whole thing was a total pleasure and a lot of fun to boot. It was great getting them on it too mainly because they are both so beautiful, but also because Michael has nice long legs which are nice to draw. It was cool having the words in bothe English and Spanish too !!


Suzy's Corner said...

You are so talented. I really enjoyed looking at some of your work!

Ela Maldonado said...

hi rob!! mi name is elaine ( ela), architect and designer, and I am from venezuela!!
I love your work!! I have been following it for a while and I just love how you manage to express so much feeling in every image.
I would love it if you take a look at my page and my work and tell me what you think!! It is in spanish for now...( I apologize about that!)...
Thanks a lot!!
Your work is just amazing!!

The Spicers said...

What an amazing wedding invite. Love all your work.

Becky BakesWell said...

I bought one of your lasercut keys for my boyfriend last Valentine's day and we are now engaged. I would love to have our wedding invitations as beautiful lasercuts in your style. Please could you tell me if you could do this?



Jaime said...

I absolutely love this invitation! How would I go about purchasing something like this from you? Please email me!


Our wedding is this July and we are looking for Spanish and English invitations :)