Friday, October 22, 2010

We've just had a delivery of the new Roger La Borde cards to the studio. They're foil blocked onto recycled card and come in packs of 10 with sweet little foiled envelopes. Three designs will be available from Ryantown this weekend.


Elle said...

shiny and perfect.

Bethany said...


mrs b said...

they are beautiful! my gcse students are making tables inspired by your designs and they will absolutely love them too! i am just about to put a link to your website on the school network!

Farnell said...

Amazing work

coelho said...

oooo those envelopes with the hearts....divine

syl said...

ooo Thanks for the notification! i have been searching back and forth between Liberty (who have run out) and Ryantown for these ... they are BEAUTIFUL! hopefully still all 3 designs available next Sunday!

lisa stubbs said...

They're gorgeous!

BM said...

Will you be selling these on Etsy or will they possibly be available anywhere in the US?

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