Saturday, November 06, 2010

'THE STARS SHINE ALL DAY TOO' My Show of new Papercuts is up at
The Air Gallery, which is located at 32 Dover Street, close to Green Park underground station. The nearest underground stations are Green Park (on the Piccadilly, Jubilee and Victoria Lines), Piccadilly Circus (on the Piccadilly and Bakerloo Lines) and Bond Street (on the Jubilee and Central lines). The nearest rail station is Charing Cross.

The exhibition will be open 1st - 20th November 2010.
Opening Times: Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm. Saturday, 11am-4pm. Sunday, 12-4pm. Admission Free.

I'm really happy with a lot of the work in the show and I hope that some of you who live in or near LDN get to see it, it's the culmination of a fairly busy year but no letting up - tomorrow we travel up to Stafford to start installing the show at The Shire Hall Gallery that opens on Friday night (12th).


Kate at M is for make said...

I'm going on Thursday - can't wait!

Pen&Pringle said...

ooh, will check it out when I come to London next weekend! :-)

Amy said...

I'm going with Kate!! Wooooooo hoooooo!!

LadyKt said...

Me and the Boyf went to London on Friday especially to see it. Was so lovely to see your beautiful work in the flesh! Must come to Ryan town soon too!

Bec said...

We are having a final fling in London this weekend before we get our puppy and staying in fancy hotels becomes a thing of the past. This exhibition is on the top of my to do list :D

alex said...

heading to the london exhibition tomorrow! :)

Joanna Lucy Austin Birkett said...

I went to see it yesterday- it was amazing! Lovely work presented really well. Well done to you all :-)

Farnell said...

I am in London Monday doing research for work so will pop in to the Dover St exhibition - looking forward to it

Kangan Arora Design said...

the most beautiful exhibition ever!

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