Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here's a video of me talking to the lovely guys at Crane TV. They came to the studio and filmed me working while they asked me questions about my life as an artist. You can get a good idea of what my studio is like from this ace video... so take a look!!!



Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this. Not just me who still reads children's books then! Your work is wonderful, I love it. :)

sarah-jane down the lane said...

In my house it is compulsory to read fairytales!

Lovely video.

Alys Paterson said...

Yay, this was lovely to watch!! xx

Tas-ka said...

very nice video! So now we know finally who rob ryan is and how he works. Cool!

Catherine said...

Hi. I've had your cards from Roger La Borde in my shop for ages and they have always been my most popular range. I got your ceramics in as soon as they were launched and they have gone down a storm with our customers. Thanks very much. Carry on the great work.

alanah lesley said...

hello rob ryan!! just wanted to let you know that i love the little exhibition that has popped up in my college, Leeds College of Art. i'm studying Printed Textiles at LCA and am a massive fan of your work, so it was a massive treat to see while i was making my way around uni!! you inspired me to laser cut, turns out they aren't as scary as they look and have saved my poor hands from scalpel blisters! thank you, you're wonderful. alanah x

Jenny said...

Have been a fan of your work for years now but have only just stumbled across your blog - really nice to put a face to your work! You have a beautiful quality to your designs, simply lovely to look at! Jenny x

mycuriousteaparty said...

So lovely to see and hear the man behind the work, you are as lovely as I'd hoped you would be.... I should have known, it shows through your work.

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Hi, I love the work that you do, the fact that you tell stories like this. Like you have your own language and only some, beautiful people can understand it. :-)
so so lovely.

M said...

YEs your work is very poetic. I wonder if you have always used text and image combined? The two flow lovely together.

Donna Wilson said...

I love this Rob, well done, you're a star! Donna x

玄外之因 Mysterious said...

I like ..!! ^^

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