Wednesday, February 16, 2011

As you all know, just over a year ago on 12th January 2010 Haiti was hit by a catastrophic earthquake and 13 months later, the country is still in need of so much help. To try and do my bit to raise some money, I’ve designed and printed a brand new limited edition screenprint which will be sold on Etsy and in my shop, Ryantown on Columbia Road. The price will be £200 and with Paypal and Etsy fees from the online sales subtracted, this leaves at least £186 going straight to the Haiti cause per print sold. If we can sell the whole edition of 200 of these, we could raise over £37,000.
The print reads: ‘We are all part of each other and this is my promise, I won’t pass you by and I won’t ignore you and look the other way but I’ll help you build your nest again. This is my promise’

Prints will be available to buy from Etsy on Friday and Ryantown on Saturday.

If you would like to re-post this blog entry to your own blog or website, please feel free, I want to make as many people aware to raise as much as we can.


nà from the treehouse said...

That is such a lovely gesture,really from the heart - thank you.

Unfortunately I don't have enough money to buy one, but I'll be posting up your post (text and photos - let me know if photos is a problem and I'll remove them) on my blog right away.

A hug of, and for, humanity.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, this is a great idea. I wanted to ask your permission to blog about your wonderful papercuts anyway... Which I later would love to do! But I'll reblog this first.

Thanks for your dedication.


Rob Ryan said...

Thank you so much!!!

nà from the treehouse said...

P.S. - Dear Mr Rob, I went to buy 'The Gift' on Etsy, it seemed to be there but then 'poof!' it vanished :(
...will you be stocking any more copies? I could afford a book :)
Thank you

Stacie Swift said...

Beautiful x

jean said...

Beautiful picture and sentiment, thanks and I am reblogging, too. When the earthquake happened, I sold a few prints for the cause. Then I was discouraged, but it is important to not forget Haiti, it is such a mess.

Rebecca Morris said...

I reposted this on my blog a few days ago, it's such a beautiful idea. People soon forget about disasters when the worst has blown over, but don't stop to think about the devastation left behind.

I saw your talk today at Leeds College of Art and loved hearing more about it, and all your other work. I appreciate it was a wonderful opportunity and I'm very grateful that you came!

I'm more the type of person who will make a comment on your blog or in an email rather than in person due to my shyness! But I'd just like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet you and hear what you have to say, and I will never forget this day :) Thank you for signing my copy of 'This Is For You' too!

Hope you had a safe trip back to London,