Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This year I was asked by St Judes gallery to feature in a new publication called Random Spectacular. The book includes work by artists such as Angie Lewin, The Gentle Author and me along with many other brilliant artists. The first issue is an edition of 750 and the profits from the sales of the first issue are being donated to Maggie's cancer charity. You can get a copy here!!!


Anonymous said...

Ooh it looks wonderful, so sad that I missed out on one! (Though brilliant that it sold out so quickly for the charity :D)

Selfsewn said...

Mine has just been delivered, and awesome it is too!!

Unknown said...

Sadly I saw this post far too late. It sounds great with two of my favourite artists in it. (You and Angie Lewin). I shall have to keep an eye out for future editions!

Unknown said...

Hi! Your job is SO BEAUTIFUL, I love it. Congratulations ;-)

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