Friday, May 04, 2012

Hot off the press!!

Check out our SPQR newspaper! It will be available to buy in Ryantown this weekend, priced at £2!


Kamila said...

It looks lovely! I wish it were available in the states.

Elizabeth said...

Will any of these be available on your Etsy? For those who can't make it to the store? x

Jaclyn said...

Am I able to buy one? I am in Australia!

Pins and Needles said...

Same comment as Elizabeth, can you purchase these anywhere else?

Rob Ryan said...

They're going to available to buy from hopefully by the end of the day !

Rob xx

Lou La La said...

I love it Rob! I've shown it to the class too and they did a big "woweeeeeee" :-) xo

Sharon Lin said...

these color are beautiful!!!!!>///<

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