Tuesday, December 04, 2012

For all our lovely followers who are unable to enter the Christmas competition as they do not live near enough to pick up the prize - we are now launching an international competition too!
The prize includes a 'Can We Shall We' lasercut, 'Dear Santa' tape, 'Small Girl' tile, 2013 lasercut Calendar, 'Dear Santa' teatowel/stocking and some other exciting bits and bobbles!!

All you'll have to do is think of the best caption for the picture below.

We'll announce the winner in the next few days.



Sallytangle said...

This is the best news ever!!!!!!!! :) :) Hmmmmm my caption would beeeee 'Can we shall we get a move on please?' :)

Im sallycrangle@yahoo.co.uk or you can tweet me as @sallytangle

Keeping everything criss crossed xxxxxx

Petal to Petal said...

'Another Daring Daylight Robbery at the hands of the horse-backed-bearded bandit.. Fashionistas beware!'


rose-a-petits-pois said...

"I miss being a small boy"

genevieve dot godbout at hotmail dot com

Annie Liu said...

I'd really love this!

Caption: "QUICK! TO THE HORSEMOBILE! The world awaits the day when one man will be the knight that every purse needs."

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

"Heigh Ho Mares and Stallions!
Mr. Rob is on his steed, galloping forward to make the kindest cut of all!"

Pam said...

Though it wasn't the time to reflect on regret, Roger did wish he'd taken time to saddle up.

Anonymous said...

"Riding home for Christmas..."

Best wishes to the entire RR-team from Simone!

die_spa at web dot de

Peter Lorimer said...

{Sing} 'I got one hand on my man bag, and the other one is given a high five'.

Anita said...

'They may take our knives, but thry'll never take our Laser cuts!!,
Quote from Braveheart the movie....sorta ;)

Anonymous said...

"Out of my WAY!!! There are bargains to be had!"

Mirtilocrafts said...

"Hi-yo, Silver! Away! Tonto bring the bags!"

Great giveaway!

Bronwen said...

From the heights of my horse's back, with my favourite things packed, I am ready to take on the world!"

Unknown said...

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