Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rob Ryan at YSP!

From 11 November 2009 - 21 February 2010 I have an exhibition at the visitors centre of the lovely Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The park itself is beautiful and perfect setting with glorious views!

Here are some of the photographs of the show taken by the brilliant Jonty Wilde


Karen Lewis Textiles said...

That's one of our favourite places...can not wait to go again and see your exhibition...double whammy ;-)

littlemiso said...

such a beautiful window!!

Lord Whitney said...

That is one beautiful window, Inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

I met you at the preview evening at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I am sooo inspired by your work and had brought your cards before I realised you were to have a n exhibition here. So I was thrilled to be able to supply the furniture for the window display " Holme Valley Warehouse of Honley Village. it was a pleasure to play a small part in your show. Best of luck in the future Love & Peace of cake Paula x

Bethany said...

YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!! (just felt the need to tell you that!)

Mathilde said...

Dear Mister Rob,
I have been looking at the photos on your blog this evening to get an overview of all the book jackets you've done, and I was brushing my teeth when I noticed you had an exhibition at YSP. 'Awwwwwww' I exclaimed through my toothpaste, devastated. Then 'Ommm ommm' to my husband, pointing frenetically to the screen: until 10 Feb 2010.
Pffffew, I am so glad, as we live nearby, and I have developped a great interest, oh, alright, a bit of an obsession for your work since I got the Arts Council's Christmas card a couple of years ago and read about you in The Independent, so it'll be wonderful to see originals.
The catalogue looks great too and will answer my husband's questions: does he use scissors or a scalpel? how can one cut paper with a laser? I hope there will be some snow left.
I am from the French Alps and I like the tradition of paper-cut silhouettes they have there too. I also dabbled with ceramics a bit so it's funny to see pictures of your kiln and read about your occasional disappointing results.
I have loved everything you have shown so far. The only downside of your blog is seeing lovely stuff only available in Japan - how tantalising.
Thank you for the Christmas animation. Happy new year!