Friday, February 26, 2010

This small pen and ink drawing by the italian sounding english illustrator Edward Ardizzone hangs on the wall to the left of the TV at home and I often find my gaze being drawn away from the box to this little picture.
I like pictures that seem to hold a hidden story, what is this young girl (dressed like a maid) looking out from her attic window thinking ? Is she a prisoner ? Is she waiting or looking out for someone ? It's all a mystery but it seems somehow full of hope. And I like looking out of high windows because like the girl in the picture I'm a bit of a dreamer too.
The picture actually illustrates a story in Eleanor Farjeon's 'The little bookroom' It's a wonderful collection of stories, but I think this picture, like the best illustrations stands up as 'art' in its own right - whatever that is.

On the website blog we have posted a new hanky design we have just printed, go to New Stuff Blog


lisa stubbs said...

This illustration is beautiful and reminds me of another children's illustrator Claudio Munoz, whose illustrations are beautifully narrative and animated. I love your taste in art!

Wendy said...

It reminds me of a book I read as a kid, The Little Princess. Though, I think she might have been relegated to the basement, if I remember correctly.

Caroline Dulko said...

A lovely drawing :)
The new hanky is brilliant! X

Jenny said...

I love Ardizzone, too, and that's certainly a lovely, wistful little drawing.