Monday, March 01, 2010

This funny little drawing hangs in my living room, it doesn't have a title and is one of many thousands of pencil studies Stanley Spencer must have made in his incredibly productive life. Lots of people see the womans figure as an owl ! The fact that she is headless and armless doesn't help though I'm sure would have been of interest to Freud ! The clinging boy seems to be naked and dressed at the same time ! Hmm.

On the website there is a new picture of a skateboard collaboration I did with London based Skate board Supremos luvnskate go here New Stuff Blog


samantha ramage said...

i absolutely love your work. from the writing to the masterful papercuttery (i made up a word), you are talented beyond talented, so i wrote a post about some of your pieces on my blog! i hope to someday visit your store or see a piece in person :) enjoy!

Lesley said...

This Spencer drawing makes me think of that old (and controversial) Rolling Stone cover of John and Yoko.