Wednesday, April 06, 2011

All of this work year has so far been dominated by working on a new book. I should be finished in about a months time and the book itself will come out in the Autumn. It's been a bit of a mammoth task to tell the truth but hopefully it will be worth all the effort. Here is the first page and it will be called 'A Sky Full of Kindness'.


Anne Boleyn said...

This is beautiful! I'm in total awe.

Alys Paterson said...

It already has my favourite title of any book ever! Can't wait xxx

Erica said...

So beautiful, I love your work.

denmoden said...

I am a great fan...keep up the good works!

anyaadores said...

Rob Ryan I LOVE you and your work.
A xxxxx

inmypencilcase said...

I'll be first inline! or should I say online to buy! im over in Sydney, Australia. Loving your amazing inspiring work from o/s.

Leaff Design said...

This is very exciting Rob - I have your 'This is for you' book, which I treasure, and this is certainly set to go the same way! This page is stunning, and I can't wait to see the rest.

Meri said...

Such a beautiful work. I can't wait to see your next book to come out!

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