Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tomorrow is your last chance to bid on the Royal wedding plate I designed for the magazine Living Etc to raise money for homeless charity, Shelter. You can bid by going here. This plate is a complete one-off, made here at the studio in Royal blue with hand-painted gold lustre rings. All the proceeds go to Shelter, so you are investing in a worthy cause by bidding.

If you miss out on the auction, you can also get a version of the plate in black and yellow at Ryantown or Etsy.

If you're reading this in the UK, have a great day off tomorrow!!!


Anne B said...

You are a romantic! Lovely work.

Unknown said...

I love these plates so much, I hope they raise a lot of money for such a worthy cause!

Unknown said...

Hi rob - have you got any 'Our adventure' left? Desparately searching...

Emily Boyd said...

Of all the commemorative objet d'art I've seen these are by far my favourite.

Absolutely beautiful, hope the money raising was a success!

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