Thursday, September 29, 2011

Over the summer we have been working with SCP, the East London design and furniture shop (I call it the cool Shoreditch department store !) to produce this Ruler for the measuring of Human beings. We have been making these 7ft high rulers to sell exclusively in our shop for a few years now but it was good fun working with Sheridan and his team at SCP on this new design. The ruler was printed by our good pal Stuart Smith of Error Solutions screenprinting services (for all your screenprinting requiremnts !!) ably assisted by Lilli and Dave.

The words on the poem are quite hard to read on the photos, so this is what they say....

The village grew into a town and the town grew into a whole city. The tree grew up to the sky and the river grew as it flowed down towards the sea and the flowers they grew until they covered the whole field and from inside the depths of our hearts you grew as well. Every single day a tiny unnoticeable bit more and more of you, and all of the long days and all of the short days will add up to yet more of you until there is no more growing to be grown and the last mark on this ruler will have been made.

But yet still inside you there will never be a shortage to the amount of love your heart can grow and day by day and year by yet you can grow in your heart still more care and more sympathy and more trust and more kindness until it finally blossoms and its flowers cover the entire world.

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