Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To celebrate the launch of our wallpaper collaboration with Mini-moderns we decided to have a little drinks party at my shop, Ryantown.

What better way to show off our new product than by wrapping every item of stock in it !!!

I'm sure that people must think we have lots of spare time on our hands here at the studio, but honestly it's the opposite - it's just that we can't help acting on ridiculous impulses !!


littlemiso said...

haha brilliant!

Jo said...

This is fantastic! No matter how busy anyone is it's always good to make time for a little bit of sillyness!! :)

Can wait to get my hands on some, I'm keeping a wall free!!

Camille said...

I do love your work Mister Rob !!!

You can visit my blog at :


lisa stubbs said...

fantastic! ridiculous impulses are the best! Looks brilliant!

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