Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My new book 'A Sky Full Of Kindness' has its official release date this Thursday, 13th October and to celebrate, we've produced this limited edition lasercut which is an adaption of one of the pages in the book.

The lasercut measures approx 59cm wide x 39cm high so is our biggest one to date!! It is in edition of 250, signed and reads:

"We promise by the spirits of all the birds that have ever been, that are and ever will be, that we will care for this child. Every feather, every bone and beak is precious to us and every bird in our small community and to the greater family of all the birds. We promise to keep the egg safe. We promise to keep the child safe. We promise to help this small, small bird in this big, big world."

Available from TAG Fine Arts


Heather Clements Art said...

I discovered your work through the book, "Push: Paper" and I love it. I do paper-cuts as well and your work has definitely inspired me.

Fondant fancy said...

Just been to meet you at your book signing at YSP...I was the overwhelmed one with my name on my necklace! It was so great to meet you...you're an absolute hero of mine...my friends were there too, slightly ahead in the queue..(he's got a beard too and they had a chat about bunting with you)...it's down to him that I even know about your awesome work cos he showed it to me years ago. You are indeed an inspiration..keep doing what you do we can't wait for the next thing!

(Sorry if this is gushy!)
Book is beautiful.

Thrilled to bits from Halifax.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I can hardly wait to check out the new book.