Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You may know that I have an online shop on the handmade marketplace Etsy. Every so often, etsy make a brilliant film about one particular seller, there have been some amazing insights into the work that goes into each sellers' products and this time they came to film me!!!

You can see more videos on etsy's blog here


rebecca said...

What a beautiful and inspirational film. It is so nice to hear in your own words what art means to you and how where you came from is part of who you are.

I feel that everyone else around me has grown up, but I am merely a child in disguise, pretending that I understand the world.

I am with you on that one.

Noortje said...

Hi Rob!

This film is so lovely, it makes me feel a bit homesick watching it... (if that's even possible, to be homesick to a place you've only lived for a few months.) AND; I just run into your new book in a Dutch Bookstore!!! What a surprise! It looks absolutly wonderfull and it's such a great story; it made me laugh in the bookstore out loud. (people where staring at me but I didn't care) I didn't had the money to buy it so I just read the whole book there and it made my day!! Anyway, I miss you all, give my love to Hazel and Libby and Jacky and Lorna and everybody. I hope I will be able to come visit you guys, maybe next year... (Because my soon to be bought bookcopy would like an autograph of it's genius creator!)

Lot's of Love!
xxxx Noortje

lisa stubbs said...

What a wonderful behind the scenes film, and great to hear you talking about your art. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I think I just felt a little awkward and in ore, next time I'll make myself known. Can't wait to read your book with Sky, I know it will be very special :)x

Bethany said...

I absolutely loved this little film and hearing you explain your thoughts on your work! I think what you said is profound in a simple way. But isn't that true of all great prophets? I think you are an English Fred Rogers... he's my hero and he would have loved your work!!!

London Drew said...

Great stuff Rob! Much like everyone else said it's great to hear you talking about your work! Looking forward to the booking signing at Ryantown!!!

Was wondering do I need to buy a copy of the book before if I want to get it signed or will there be plenty at the shop?


Snippety Gibbet said...

You are definitely on a roll! How cool, Rob.

Rob Ryan said...

Hi Drew, there should be loads of books at the shop !
Cheers Rob
Thanks for the kind comments !!

elia said...

A really inspiring, lovely insight to you amazing work.
A Sky Full Of Kindness is such a beautiful book.
I haven't read it yet as the copy I ordered had to be sent back as it had a not so lovely squished bug (wasp?) in the dust jacket. Amazon won't replace it as it's not their fault so I have to wait for a refund to then reorder it, to be able to afford to buy it again.
But I'm now even more excited to be able to read to the story and continued to be amazed by your work. I'll just have to wait a little longer.

kylie said...

Lovely artwork,lovely words, lovely person, from one child to another!

happy macz said...

hi rob watched ur film!! uve inspired me to use u in my english project to write about a famous person in a biography.even though you aren't a world famous person, in my eyes you are.

lurrrrve the biker hair! xxx

p.s. from Alicia mcnaughton! xxxxx

do you mind if i knit said...

What a wonderful snippet of you and your working world, fascinating, and very enjoyable, thank you. The subject of love in art, in our culture today it's not considered a very cool subject is it, but back in Victorian times, it was de rigeur to have it as a central theme, so how has soceity changed to regard it as a naff subject. Perhaps one of the last bastions of the celebration of love is in children's books, where it's celebrated unashamedly. I'm so glad that you celebrate it, and with passion. Vanessa

M1 said...

just wanted to share my post about your work here:

hope you like it!
Ks, Jo

moddyboy80 said...

Wonderful! I love your work; the intricacy of it, the detail, the colours you choose; the fact that it's cut out of paper! When I was five years old, I used to spend all day trying to make working typewriters and record players out of paper. My mother said I used to get really frustrated. Looking at your work makes me think perhaps it's time I give paper another chance...

Staci Burruel said...

This is very inspiring! It is amazing how your art is very much connected to you and the people around you. It became a part of you, and that is why you value and love life. :-) I learned a lot in just 4 minutes.

emgatehouse said...

I have only just this night stumbled upon you, Dear Mr Ryan, and you have truly touched my heart.

This Chicken has said exactly the words I couldn't quite place: 'I feel that everyone else around me has grown up, but I am merely a child in disguise, pretending that I understand the world.'

Thank you both.

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