Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ryantown's 5th Birthday!!!

This Saturday, 29th June 2013, we will be celebrating Ryantown’s 5th Birthday and we invite you to join us for the fun and festivities!! There will be tea, cake and a brand new lasercut edition to exclusively mark the occasion!

Ryantown came about when Rob received a call from a friend asking if he would like to take over the space on Columbia Road. Rob's studio is close by where fresh stock for the shop is produced regularly in small editions. The white walls of the shop create the air of a gallery space with a hand-painted tiled mural on one section and our new tiled wall clock is now on permanent display behind the counter too. Currently in Ryantown you'll find hand printed cushions, screen printed tiles, ceramics, lasercut keys, screenprints and papercuts along with other creations from the Ryantown studio.
Rob’s inspiration is taken from artist inspired retail outlets as diverse as the Omega Workshops based in Fitzroy Square in London in 1913 to The Keith Haring Pop shop in Lafayette street NYC in the 1980's.

We have had some memorable parties at the shop in the past, including turning the entire interior and exterior of the shop to black and white when it became ‘Ryantoon’ in October 2009.  Similarly, In September 2011, Rob collaborated with mini moderns to produce his own wallpaper, and for the launch of this, Ryantown was wallpapered ceiling to floor (including the products) in the design. 

Jackie and Danny screen printed some special party invites on to muslin which you might have been lucky enough to pick up if you have visited Ryantown in the last few weeks. 

The 5th Birthday is sure to be a brilliant day too - we hope to see you there!

Louise Renforth 
Studio Assistant


Sallytangle said...

I am so so sad i dont live in London!!!! this sounds so lovely! Have a super duper day and take lots of pictures for all the little people that can visit!

Sally xxx

Rob Ryan said...

Hi Sally! Thanks for your message! I have posted a more detailed post about the 5th birthday too x

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